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the FindKdepimLibs.cmake module in kdelibs/cmake/modules/ assumes that 
libsyndication from kdepimlibs will be built if kdepimlibs exists; or at 
least it unconditionally sets KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBS. however, libsyndication 
is an option component of kdepimlibs depending on whether or not Boost is 
available on the system at build time.

i assumed that libsyndication not being there would result in 
KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBS not being set, but this evidently isn't the case and 
has, in turn, created an unintentional hard dependency on Boost in kdebase 
(workspace/plasma/engines/, to be exact). i don't particularly like 
this, and figure the solution is to deal with KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBS properly 
in FindKdepimLibs.cmake.

however, i'm not sure how to implement this in FindKdepimLibs in the most 
appropriate fashion and am hoping a cmake guru might be able to offer some 
insight. my guess is that a find_library(KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBRARY NAMES 
syndication) is what is necessary, followed by a call to see if 
${KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBRARY} gets set (meaning that libsyndication is there) 
and then based on that setting KDE4_SYNDICATION_LIBS.

is that the right approach, is there a better/preferred mechanism?

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