starting a kde4 app twice doesn't work :(

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Mon May 28 21:08:36 BST 2007


somehow I can't run a kde4 app more than once (if it uses kio) unless I
manually kill kdeinit4 and knotify afterwards. This worked fine before
the changes on this monday.

I always get a message box about process for the file protocol having
died and output shows that the ioslave is lost:

kio (Slave): createSlave 'file' for file:///home/andreas
kio (Slave): slave failed to connect to application pid=19735 protocol=file
kio (Slave): Houston, we lost our slave, pid=19735
kio (Slave): slave died pid = 19735

I know this is "supposed" to happen on win32, but I don't think it
should happen on linux, right?


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