Qt / KDE and Skim / Xim

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sun May 27 20:11:29 BST 2007


in KOffice I need to port/implement the input method code to allow people 
to input Chinese or even to input normal composited characters.

In my kubuntu kde3 I have a context menu in kmail and in Qts text fields 
to select the input method.  "Select Input Method" with submenu items 
like "XIM" and "scim".

Using this menu is essential to start typing in Chinese, for example.

I'm wondering how to do that in KDE in general and in Qt4 when I inherit 
from QWidget in particular.
I've been googling for some hours and reading sources as well. No luck so 

Any links to docs or source are appreciated!
Thomas Zander
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