What to do about KColor?

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Sun May 27 17:25:33 BST 2007

Thomas Zander wrote:
> Find attached a patch that I feel from the people on these threads would 
> be best for KDELibs.  I hope that that concludes these threads.
> [snip Zack's suggestion yet again]

Please explain, in terms of the previously mentioned advantages and 
disadvantages, why you feel that Zack's implementation is superior. I am 
still of the opinion that Zack's implementation does not meet the 
kdelibs inclusion criteria, whereas prior to Zack's comments, the 
overall consensus seemed to be that my implementation does meet the 
inclusion criteria.

The impression I am getting is that the only possible outcome of this is 
to forget the whole thing, leave kdelibs without a blend function, and 
give up on the usability stuff happening in 4.0, with the result that it 
won't see full use until KDE5. Is that the case?

(sorry, .sig file is on the other computer)

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