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Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sat May 26 11:05:08 BST 2007

On Saturday 26 May 2007 02:05:11 Matthew Woehlke wrote:
> And for the grand finale, a demonstration of how QColor can't keep its
> hands off the saturation when you /don't/ want to play with it is
> attached. Note that the KColor bars do /not/ result in fully saturated
> colors when starting with a gray tone, whereas the QColor bars do. You
> can also note how the white point depends on the starting color with
> QColor, which is not true for KColor.

Thanks for the graphic.
For most of us its been a 'you said' 'he said' kind of discussion where 
most just don't reply because its out of their expertise.  This kind of 
thing certainly helps as almost everyone can watch pretty colors ;)

I can see the difference, and I can understand that a color purist may get 
upset about this.
We have to stay realistic, though and see that while there is some issue 
in the higher (whiter) range of the gray band, the rest is just fine for 
any color. Better even as the colors are not dull and are also not going 
to be converted twice.

In my opinion the API that you suggested and the method of transformation 
is pretty much an expert thing that are only worth the effort if you have 
very high demands.
The QColor and Pigment[1] solutions are already both there, and pigment is 
probably going to be a generic library at the release of kde4.1.
With that in mind the idea to include code that basically duplicates what 
Pigment already does just fine, and do that for an app that will not be 
released before 4.1 anyway is just not good for KDE(libs) as a whole.

At this point I think it is best if you check out koffice (which has 
pigment in its libs dir) and see if you can put your expertise to work on 
making sure that Pigment reaches maturity sooner. Which will have a long 
lasting positive effect on all of our codebases :)


1) http://www.koffice.org/developer/apidocs/libs-pigment/annotated.html
Thomas Zander
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