api.kde.org News

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Fri May 25 15:10:56 BST 2007


We should have a working api.kde.org now.
Now, we are hosting the API Documentation on the EBN machine; so,
there is no longer any reason to use EBN URLs in any techbase or 
other documentation.

Also, the classmapper works.  Use the following web shortcuts:

  kde: -> http://api.kde.org/classmapper.php?class=\{@}
  kde3: -> http://api.kde.org/classmapper.php?class=\{@}&version=3.5

note that these shortcuts search in kdelibs module only.  you can
search in other modules by adding the module=kdefoo option, i.e.,


We hope to have a classmapper search interface on api.kde.org "soon".


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