KColor is coming this Monday...

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at users.sourceforge.net
Thu May 24 22:48:31 BST 2007

KColor adds additional color spaces over QColor, better 
darken()/lighten(), and /finally/ generic blending.

Status of KColor:
- HLS conversion to/from RGB seems to work (it's symmetrical, at least)
- blend() handles BlendNormal and BlendReplace
- lighten()/darken() would work if HSY conversion was implemented (it 
could be made to work using HSL instead)

In order to check this in, I need to rename the current kcolortest (to 
what? kimageeffectstest?) so the KColor test suite can be properly 
named. I also need to edit KColor (the header) to point to kcolor.h 
instead of kcolordlg.h (huh? There is already a correct redirection 
header KColorDlg...); I did not see any uses of this in libs, sdk, 
utils, and base (is there a way to do a more exhaustive check?). I will 
probably do all things at once. Now is the time to voice any objections :-).

The code currently resides in playground/libs/ui/kcolor.

Stuff to do still:
- BlendAdd, BlendMultiply - I'm in no hurry because adding these is BC 
and of course there are no users yet :-).
- HSY conversion - will be done before Monday, hopefully.
- HSV conversion - should be ready some time before 4.0*
- Setters - probably not for Monday, but soon; also BC.

...and there are other things, but nothing I expect to have done Monday 
(and they are "nice" things, not required things, so they may wait until 
need arises).

(* HSV is a cakewalk compared to HSY... there isn't linear algebra 
involved :-).)

"Nobody expects the traditional Bourne shell!"

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