KDE and smartcard support

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Wed May 23 16:21:10 BST 2007

On Wednesday 23 May 2007, Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
> On 5/23/07, Andreas Aardal Hanssen <ahanssen at trolltech.com> wrote:

> And again, I will repeat my claim, the problem is not with TLS/SSL but
> with the whole cryptography approach. And you don't provide a complete
> approach in your solution, at least admit that

Anton, please remain civil. thanks =)

> Had you implemented the TLS/SSL layer your-self, you would have been
> able to say you do something better, but as you and QCA use OpenSSL in
> order to do TLS/SSL I don't understand why if we use QCA in
> decryption, signature and authentication we should use QtSslSocket to
> do TLS/SSL.

because other things outside of KDE use QtSslSocket (e.g. in Qt itself). 
please just trust us when we, who have a deeper understanding of the 
internals of the code here, say this. and .. let's move on.

> > Note also that nobody else in this thread seems to be saying "scrap what
> > you have, and use XXXX instead". We're saing "here's what we've got, now
> > how do we use it". Now please go back and look at Aaron's summary.
> I have, and I am sorry you think this is what I am saying.
> All I say is that the cryptography should be looked at whole.

that's a fine goal. and one that can be done long term. let's try and start at 
the beginning, however, and get an API into kdelibs that provides smart card 

if you can manage to do that, then we can build from there.

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