KDE and smartcard support

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Wed May 23 00:44:36 BST 2007

Alon Bar-Lev wrote:
>We should let of our dream of proper cryptography in KDE since
>Trolltech does not supply a proper cryptography and I understand now
>that KDE is all about Trolltech.

Again, this is a broad and baseless statement. You're assuming that the Qt 
4.3 release will mark the end of QSslSocket development, which is plainly 
not true. Are you saying that QCA is now deep frozen and will not add any 
new features either?

You heard from the Trolltech developer who wrote QSslSocket that it was 
limited in breadth due to time constraints. As I said in the other email, 
things grow with time. You cannot expect the first version to do 

And I know that because I speak from experience. I have designed many 
classes that were intended to do everything. In the end, they were 
bloated, difficult to use and had many entry points that were never used.

We have all understood that QCA is way more advanced than QSslSocket is. 
And that's great. Maybe QCA will be the better alternative in the long 
run. I just don't know that yet.

I agree with you that we need to understand what our user (where user = 
application authors) requirements are. I have not done such an analysis. 
If you have (and I assume you have, because you're being quite insistent 
on the requirements), please share with us.

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