[Panel-devel] [PATCH] Plasma Layouts

Diego Iastrubni elcuco at kde.org
Tue May 22 23:47:08 BST 2007

I see. How about we keep it as a policy (or at least a known bug), and promise 
to fix it for KDE 4.1? I mean, I am seeing that most of KDE is been 
re-written (I just used konsole 4 today for 3 hours, and it needs some more 
love, same for konqueror).

What I mean is, we have a lot of work even on the LTR desktop, and targetting 
RTL desktops for 4.0 is not something possible. Not only in kdebase, but in 
many other modules. It took us 2-3 years getting KDE 3 this good, I don't 
think KDE4 will be ready in the first year of KDE4.

What are your toughts?

ביום רביעי, 23 במאי 2007, נכתב על ידי Aaron J. Seigo:
> it's going to be really hard to provide RTL that works as well as we have
> in 3.5 without someone actually working on it. there's too much to do in
> the short time span between now and 4.0; we can certainly make it so that
> RTL is possible, perhaps in 4.1, and keep it in mind .... but RTL is not
> going to be on the showstopper list if it isn't perfect. nothing that isn't
> broadly applicable to our entire user base is going to fall into that same
> category.
> unless someone steps up to work on the code. so while i appreciate the
> offer to test, i can't promise it will make a meaningful difference for
> 4.0.

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