blend function urgently needed in kdelibs

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Tue May 22 06:05:25 BST 2007

Matthew Woehlke wrote:
>kdelibs desperately needs a color blending function. I am working on it,
>planning to have it go in Monday, May 28.
>blend() is reasonably complicated, but the colorspace conversion
>functions are some of the biggest hitters in terms of code volume. I
>already have rgb<->hsl (and I think rgb<->hsv, but those are common), I
>need rgb<->hsy yet but hsy is very similar to hsv. Anyway, since some
>commented it would be nice to see some actual code, I'm attaching what I
>have so far...

1) You're mixing the enums. ColorSpec is declared in a flag-like manner, 
but it has no Q_DECLARE_FLAGS; BlendMode or BlendFlags (choose one) is 
declared in a non-flag mode but has Q_DECLARE_FLAGS. You want to review 

2) Please remove the protected function and the static inlines. They have 
no business being in a public header file.

3) Constructors must be explicit or explicitly implicit. (i.e., add the 
krazy mark if it's to be implicit)

4) If you want implicit sharing, use QSharedDataPointer.

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