blend function urgently needed in kdelibs

Matthew Woehlke mw_triad at
Mon May 21 22:40:53 BST 2007

Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> can someone explain to me why the "organized by topic" directory structure is 
> difficult to understand? because apparently it is and i'm not sure why. maybe 
> it just isn't explained well enough. hm.

Hehe. Given kdelibs/, that's easy... no README ;-). I used 
kdelibs/README to decide it should go in kdeui, if there was a 
kdelibs/kdeui/README I would have used that to decide where to put it.

> let me try and explain it this way:
> if you are going into kdeui for the first time and looking for a class called 
> KColor and it is in kdeui, would you look first in colors/, kernel/ or util/? 

I said it won't be in kernel, so forget that. Me, I looked in colors/ 
and said 'this all looks like color /picker/ stuff' and looked elsewhere.

> the directories are topical. it has nothing to do with widgets or not. look at 
> what is in colors/: it includes color related *data* even.

...which, oddly enough, is part of what put me /off/ of colors/. But I 
guess sticking KColor in colors/ would buck that trend, maybe that is a 
good thing?

> put another way:
> if you were to working on KColor, what are the most likely other files you'd 
> want or need to be looking at?

If you mean "/with/ KColor" (i.e. using it), you're probably painting 

When in doubt, duct tape!

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