Changes into KConfigSkeleton between kde3.x and kde4.0

Laurent Montel montel at
Wed May 16 22:00:07 BST 2007

When I try to fix kbugbuster I see a bug into it.
KBugbuster used a KConfigSkeleton and when we close windowmanager we save 
config with "writeConfig();"
But it doesn't save data from KConfigSkeleton
because writeConfig function was changed between kde3.5 and kde4.0

Before it was:

   save_data_from_kconfigSingleton ;
   and after call: usrWriteConfig();

usrWriteConfig() is a virtual function.

After into kde4.0 we have:
    call: usrWriteConfig();

void KConfigSingleton::usrWriteConfig()

So now data was not stored when we call writeConfig and redefine virtual 
function "usrWriteConfig()"

For me it's a bug. What do you think about it ?.
I create a patch to change it.

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