stropts.h in kdelibs

Thiago Macieira thiago at
Wed May 16 09:56:53 BST 2007

Christian Ehrlicher said:
> Von: Stephan Kulow <coolo at>
>> Am Dienstag 15 Mai 2007 schrieb Christian Ehrlicher:
>> > I already added a ifndef _WIN32 around this include to fix win32
>> > compilation.
>> >
>> Please don't do such ifdefs if there are perfectly available cmake
>> macros
>> for
>> checking includes ;(
> imho that's the part of the one who introduced this include without taking
> a look outside it's own system. But you're right (I just wanted to avoid
> another 2hours complete recompile of kdelibs)

The file in question (syssocket.h) has been part of KDE for 4 years now.
And as the author of said file, I do not understand the issue.

What is stropts.h for? What changed that made it necessary?

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