move KStaticDeleter to libkde3support

Christian Ehrlicher Ch.Ehrlicher at
Wed May 16 08:22:06 BST 2007

Von: Matthias Kretz <kretz at>
> Hi,
> LXR still shows a lot of KStaticDeleter usage 
> (, but kdelibs is mostly free of
> it. Thanks to the work of Christian!
> Since KStaticDeleter is deprecated I think it really shouldn't be released
> as 
> part of libkdecore.
> Any objections against moving it (and the parts of KGlobal it depends on)
> to 
> libkde3support?
We need to get rid of kstaticdeleter in kconfig_compiler before the move. I wanted to do this but had no time until now (also I'm a little bit afraid breaking something with this change...). But will try to fix this next monday if nobody else has time for it.

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