enabling workspace/kcontrol on windows

David Faure faure at kde.org
Mon May 14 13:28:14 BST 2007

On Monday 14 May 2007, Laurent Montel wrote:
> On Monday 14 May 2007 00:03:39 Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > Hi,
> Hi,
> > I just compiled kdebase on win32 to be able to change the kde style to
> > something more native than Plastik. Unfortunately this is impossible
> > currently, because the whole workspace is disabled for win32.
> I moved kcontrol->style into kdebase/runtime/kcontrol, but a guy re-moved it 
> into kdebase/workspace I don't know why.

That guy is me.
I had to move style and krdb to workspace in r660995:

"Move krdb and style together with colors and fonts since they share code (kdrb.cpp) - and fonts shares code with kfontinst.
"If we really need some of those modules on Windows then we'll have to find a better solution [moving the whole lot to apps?].
"Meanwhile those things really belong together.

The point is that we can't have code in runtime that depends on code in workspace, otherwise
we'll never be able to package kdebase as three tarballs like we wanted to do.

So the situation is:
 style+colors+fonts depend on krdb.
 fonts uses code from kfontinst.
Both krdb and kfontinst are X11-only.
How do we then move the non-X11-specific parts of the style (and colors and fonts) module out of the X11-specific workspace,
while still keeping the X11-specific code in those dirs? We can only move the whole lot somewhere, and runtime
doesn't sound right (those are not runtime dependencies of kde applications).
Those are kcontrol modules and kcontrol is an app, so my suggestion would be to move it all to apps.

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