stylesheets on embedded widgets e.g inside [K|Q]ComboBox

Thorsten Röder thorsten.roeder at
Sun May 13 11:27:50 BST 2007


I noticed, that if you type many characters inside the location bar
of konqueror the text will go behind the clear Button.

The clearButton is done inside KLineEdit. There to prevent the
text going behind the button a "padding-right" stylesheet is set to
the underlying QLineEdit, which works fine with KLineEdit.

Konqueror uses a inheritance of KComboBox where KLineEdit is
explicitly set as the embedded lineEdit widget. As far as I can see
from qt-copy/src/gui/styles/qstylesheetstyle.cpp:2402,2598ff
QT in general doesn't honor stylesheets set on embedded widgets
(because QRenderRule is only taken from the surrounding
QComboBox widget)

That's where I'm stuck with this atm. :-)

So the question I'm asking is what to do with this issue.
Is it a QT bug then? Should I report this to QT?
Could we do anything about this if QT won't support this feature
in the future?

Best regards

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