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Alex Merry huntedhacker at
Sun May 13 10:43:23 BST 2007

On Thursday 10 May 2007, Alex Merry wrote:
> On Monday 07 May 2007, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> > On Friday, 4. May 2007, Alex Merry wrote:
> > > ProFTPD have equivalent code licensed under GPL, so we could use
> > > that instead if necessary.
> The attached patch includes the GPL code from ProFTPd.
> Can people please check that it works, particularly on different
> platforms to Linux?  I hacked around with the compatibility code a
> bit to simplify things and to adapt it from the autoconf system that
> ProFTPd uses, but I can't test it on anything other than my Linux
> installation.

Well, it's going in tomorrow.  So if it breaks on your *BSD or MacOS (or 
other UNIX-like) system, I guess you'll just have to fix it then.


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