KAlgebra moved to kdereview

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annemarie.mahfouf at free.fr
Tue May 8 20:49:52 BST 2007


As today is the deadline for kdereview, I moved KAlgebra as requested by its 
author to integrate in kdeedu.
KAlgebra is a mathematical calculator. It is capable to make simple MathML 
operations (arithmetic and logical) and representate 2D and 3D graphs. It is 
actually not necessary to know MathML to use KAlgebra.

It is still in early development but you can already use it nicely.

While there is the question of KmPlot doing 2D plot graphs, KAlgebra has also 
3D plots. Merging with KmPlot is maybe an option in the future.
There was also the question to resurrect Kalamaris and restar from there.

Personally I'd like to push KAlgebra into the kdeedu module:
- main reason is that it's an app that users want and are waiting for. In 
kde-apps where it has been since 2005 it's quite popular.
- second reason is that the devel, Aleix Pol, is very motivated. He'll go to 
aKademy and thus will be able to fully integrate into the KDE community. 
Hopefully he'll also talk to KDE people interested in maths and he'll get 
their advice.
- I fear that by being too long in a playground module the author will lose 
interest and it'll be yet another abandoned project (we have a few of them 
like that in Edu)
- we don't have so many new apps in kdeedu (apart of Marble :-) and Skolelinux 
likes it.



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