Konqueror Initialization Question

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun May 6 21:27:32 BST 2007

On Sunday 06 May 2007, dfeustel at mindspring.com wrote:
> I have noticed
> that konqueror invokes anywhere from 1 to 8 kio_file processes as it
> initializes.  The most frequent numbers of kios started by konqueror
> are (most frequently) 4,8,1 (least frequently).  None of these kios
> are for the default home page. Why is konqueror invoking all these
> kio processes?

Most probably for loading the about page, which is part of the webbrowsing profile by default.
If you click on "Introduction" in the about page, and then on the link (to disable_overview) in the 
Tuning Tip paragraph at the bottom, to make konqueror start without the about page, it should
start faster and without starting kio_file.

PS: this isn't a core development question IMHO, please use kde-devel in the future.

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