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Alex Merry huntedhacker at
Tue May 1 18:24:38 BST 2007

On Monday 30 Apr 2007, Alex Merry wrote:
> There are a lot of files in kdelibs/kdecore (and almost certainly
> other places) that have listed copyright holders like "The KDE Team".
> There's no obvious email address for these, so what should be done
> about them?

OK, this is what I've got for kdecore.  I basically trawled the svn logs 
and picked out the people who seemed to have contributed a substantial 
body of code to the file.

Couple of notes:
* the origins of fakes.c aren't clear from the svn log.  coolo separated 
the functions into a new file/library, but the svn log was lost in the 

* The KPty copyrights predate KPty.  I assume this is because it uses 
code that was originally in Konsole.  I've left Oswald as the copyright 
holder on KPty.h (since he seems to have created the class, and hence 
the interface), but just deleted The Konsole Developers from KPty.cpp 
(and left Oswald and Waldo).

* A lot of the files appear to have originally been one file, and share 
their early log entries.  It was quite hard to extract the actual 
copyright holders for a particular class as a result.

If you think I've unfairly omitted you (or unnecessarily added you) to 
the copyright holders for a file, tell me.  I'll commit it later this 


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