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Thomas Zander zander at
Wed Jan 31 17:34:29 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 31 January 2007 16:47, John Tapsell wrote:
> Btw, it's currently not very clear whether you are supposed to type in
> the root password, or type in your own password (for when you use
> sudo).

Do note that a system that is based on sudo like privilege system has the 
concept of only one password. Which technically is the users password.  But 
to the user there is simply one password.  The dialog should be able to have 
a 'mode' that makes this distinction.
Where the 'sudo' mode basically means the user gets to type a password with 
nothing but a string like: "Type your password:" 

Slightly off topic;
A bug in kubuntu currently is that in several places there is a kdesu dialog 
that is based on sudo, but if you remove the sudo priviledges (not put the 
user in group 'staff') this means the passwords will consistently fail 
without proper indication and without fallbacks to the root password.
Would be nice if there was either a user-wide setting for this mode, or an 
easier way to do this in the API.
Thomas Zander
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