Jacob R Rideout kde at
Mon Jan 29 20:43:38 GMT 2007

> I want to add Sonnet to ktextedit (as before).
> But ktextedit is into kdeui, and sonnet depend on kdeui we can't link
> directly.

It doesn't, Sonnet only links to threadweaver and external
dependencies. The Sonnet in trunk has none of my current work in it.
Hopefully I'll have time to migrate it from branches/work to trunk,
but I'm not yet sure it won't break kdepim and kdebase among others. I
will likely delay merging for another week.

> So after spoke when David, we think that it will important to add it into
> kdeui.
> So it will add increase size of kdeui but it will better.
> What do you think about it ?

The current Sonnet code is broken into sonnetcore and sonnetui, we
could move the relevant code from sonnetui to kdeui, if you like.
However we won't want to move things like the standard configuration
dialog, or the checking dialog.

> It's right David said me that by default all textedit (for final user) my be
> have a spellchecking. So it's not a problem to add it into kdeui/ktextedit.
> But secondary question:
> How to you incorporate gramar correction into sonnet ? Do you think to add it
> as plugins? (it will better because it will not increase size of kdeui)
> Do you have other plugins to do ?

Grammar checking will use plugins, yes. I have several in various
stages of development. None are currently in svn. Rather than write
hacks to make plugins for the various grammar checkers uniform, I
contacted their developers, and am currently helping to create a
standard that unifies their output. However, the idea is that these
plugins will not be KDE plugins, but similar to Enchant, KDE will
depend on Elixir, the plugins will conform to Elixir's spec and KDE
will query Elixir for them. Eventually gnome will as well, there are a
few gnome folks working on this.


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