Requiring CMake 2.4.5 ?

Thomas Zander zander at
Mon Jan 29 08:45:33 GMT 2007

On Monday 29 January 2007 01:57, Thiago Macieira wrote:
> Thomas Zander wrote:
> >The changes betwen 3 and 5 were marginal at best so I'm not confident
> > that this upgrade is worth it.  Its hard enough to compile kde even
> > without having to take care of having both a distro and a self-compiled
> > cmake on your system.
> The changes are deep enough that we can build tests with a lot more ease.
> You don't have to turn KDE4_BUILD_TESTS on to be able to run a single
> test.
> Right now, if you're working on a single class, you probably want to run
> one test or two. But you have to turn ALL tests on, for the whole module.
> Quite frankly, I consider the ability to build tests individually to be an
> incentive to new developers, not a deterrent. If at all, new contributors
> are held back by the time it takes to build all the tests in module.
> I know I am, and I'm hardly a new contributor.

Thanks for the explanation Thiago. I see I indeed understood it correctly when 
Alex posted the points.  So my objection stands.
I even have 2.4.5 on my machine, jonathan has a amd64 deb for edgy on his 
Perhaps you should try out my unsercmake which makes it easy to compile tests 
or not run tests using its --exclude parameter. ;)

Thomas Zander
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