Need a general point of view about jobs

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Fri Jan 26 14:42:41 GMT 2007

2007/1/25, Olivier Goffart <ogoffart at>:
> Le jeudi 25 janvier 2007 23:15, Rafael Fernández López a écrit:
> > Okay, to solve the (Fact), I propose creating some kind of new job
> > class (outside from kdecore), that inherits KJob, and that is the one
> > that is supposed to be inherited by jobs that want to be shown on the
> > uiserver. For example:
> [...]
> > So in the first class template, we could provide the job the power to
> > connect that signal wherever the coder wants (for example, some slot
> > on the main program). The others, are pretty good organized, since all
> > that is related to jobs, is done on the job itself, not outside.
> I prefer the first template (with the signal)
> in KNotification, what i did is
> signals:
>  activated (unsigned int action)
>  action1Activated ()
>  action2Activated ()
>  action3Activated ()

Well, it seems this templates are not the best option really. We can
still bet for having the addAction with QObject and slot parameters.

> > If agreed, the question is: where could we put this new class ?
> kdecore/jobs ?

It seems too much inheritance on jobs stuff just gives the developers
more questions and problems.

Rafael Fernández López.

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