Integrating Gwenview in kdegraphics?

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Thu Jan 18 18:20:11 GMT 2007

On Thursday 18 January 2007 10:10, Cyrille Berger wrote:
> The way I see gwenview, it's more an image browser (with some editing
> capabilities through kipi). While kuickshow/kview are image viewer which
> are two different things.

not to the general end user population. seriously, if you say this to an 
average user they are going to give you that classic "what you talkin' about 
willis" look they get when they meet with such statements =)

> > > * less clutter (I find the 'toolbar' at the top of the image view
> > > widget very annoying and out of place)
> > > * Sane defaults that don't make me panic. Which basically means, much
> > > much less clutter.
> > > * Usability review.  The 'control for zoom tool' really should be
> > > fixed.
> >
> >  Well, Aurelien got a bit ... creative recently :). But a toolbar with
> > many icons is not a showstopper, is it?
> well, I think it's scary for Joe User :/ (it's even scary for a lot of
> geeks ;) )

i think it needs usability work, yes.

> I think that if you want to replace kuickshow, you need to offer a better
> user experience, so while, in features it's clearly better, honestly, the
> user interface of gwenview makes me flee.

eek. let's not talk about quality of user experience and kuickshow in the same 
breath. =) i'll be frank: we don't have a great kde image viewer|browser. we 
have some really nice entries in the digital image collection category, but 
the basic viewer|browser category is not our strong suit. my hope would be 
that whatever we ship it's noticebly improved over what we have now. if that 
takes a year to get there, that's ok too. as long as it moves in that 

> And then the last question, about replacement, that need to be answered is
> wether we want to ship, by default, an image browser or an image viewer or
> both ?

the difference is not significant enough to make this question sensible.

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