Some porting from KIO::Jobs to KJobs

Ricard Marxer Piñón rmarxer at
Wed Jan 17 11:50:59 GMT 2007

David Faure wrote:
> On Wednesday 17 January 2007 10:39, Kevin Ottens wrote:
>>> There's a meaning attached to it too.
>>> totalSize could be about any kind of data. totalFiles is more specifically
>>> about files. Maybe we need an API for telling uiserver what kind of objects
>>> it's about, so that loaidng 2000 contacts shows "1 / 2000 contacts" instead
>>> of "1 / 2000 files".
>> That was exactly my point. totalSize() is enough, you just need a way to 
>> specify the unit.
> This works for the case of loading contacts, but not when it's indeed about files.
> totalSize(2000) means 2000 bytes, not 2000 files, and you need totalFiles/totalDirs in addition.
> So generalizing this leads to totalSize / totalItems / totalOtherItems ? ;)
This should not replace the slotPercent methods, right?

Generalizing even more it could lead to progressDescription(QString) and 
it's to the application to build the strings which I don't think is that 

Some jobs might not even be made of subitems or they can be of different 

I agree these methods could be in KJob as helper functions, but should 
the Observer know about them?  or should the Observer receive them as a 
simple progress description string.

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