Some porting from KIO::Jobs to KJobs

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Wed Jan 17 11:11:18 GMT 2007

2007/1/17, Kevin Ottens <ervin at>:
> Le Mercredi 17 Janvier 2007 00:23, David Faure a écrit :
> > There's a meaning attached to it too.
> > totalSize could be about any kind of data. totalFiles is more specifically
> > about files. Maybe we need an API for telling uiserver what kind of objects
> > it's about, so that loaidng 2000 contacts shows "1 / 2000 contacts" instead
> > of "1 / 2000 files".
> That was exactly my point. totalSize() is enough, you just need a way to
> specify the unit.

Well that's only adding one more method. For languages where only is
important 1 thing, or more than one thing (singular and plural), is
easy, since when it is just 1 item, the kuiserver won't show (0 of 1
contact -> 1 of 1 contact), it will just avoid that useless

So the kuiserver will only show when there are more than 1 thing (say
file, contact, ...) to process (copy, move, ...). Now the problem
comes with languages that will also distinguish between some kind of
plurals (I mean, for 2 items, or 3).

I read the localization system can handle this, but I only need to
read a bit about it.

> > Well that's mostly merging KIO::Observer into kjobuidelegate I guess.

> Well, in the implementation of kjobuidelegate that will lie in kdeui, yes.

I really agree with the idea of getting out observer and "port" it to
the kjobuidelegate in kdeui, or jobuidelegate.

So Kevin, are you moving kjobuidelegate to kdeui ? When ? In that
case, the observer should be "ported" for sure to the kjobuidelegate
in kdeui instead to the jobuidelegate class ?

I can do the observer "porting" I think, if you guys agree.

Bye and thanks,
Rafael Fernández López.

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