Integrating Gwenview in kdegraphics?

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Tue Jan 16 17:56:53 GMT 2007

Op di 16 jan 2007 18:40 schreef u:
> > That's what I thought too. But this means libkipi will be subject to the
> > same BIC rules as kdelibs then. 
> Not necessarily.
> if libkipi and the applications that use it are in the same module, there is 
> no such requirement.

we are talking about digikam, kphotoalbum and showimg. I don't think you want to move them to kdegraphics or their maintainers want to. Also I don't think they would like such a move. It's usually released together with the kipi-plugins. Just some remarks... I don't know what is wise to do.


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