New mailing list for KDE4 release team

Jason Harris jharris at
Tue Jan 16 16:25:44 GMT 2007


In late December, there was a short thread[1] about organizing a group of 
people to handle release duties for KDE4.  There is now a release-team 
mailing list[2] available for discussion of release-related issues, so if you 
want to help manage the KDE4 release, please subscribe.

Just as a reminder, we are attempting to organize a group of people to share 
the load of managing the release cycle.  An outline of the specific tasks is 
listed in the TWG charter, which is attached to the first message of the 
earlier thread[1], and which I will also post to release-team shortly.

We're trying to get more people helping out than the usual handful of 
"experts".  One way to do this is to have release coordinators for the 
various modules, so that no one person needs to be responsible for looking 
after the entire codebase.

So, if you're interested, please subscribe to release-team AT k.o.  You don't 
need to be an e.V. member, and you don't need to be a "core" developer (in 
fact, for many of the tasks you don't need to be a developer at all!)


Jason Harris
jharris at

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