Button order in KFileDialog

Olaf Schmidt ojschmidt at kde.org
Sun Jan 14 16:42:02 GMT 2007

Hi Aaron!

Your arguments make sense, but I am a bit concerned that the topic is 
discussed without including the usability people. Unfortunately this seems to 
happen almost every time when a usability-related issue appears on this list.

What's the point of having usability professionals in KDE if we don't include 
them in usability discussions, or if we ask them and then assume to have 
better usability experience ourselves?

I am cc'ing to Ellen so she can comment on your (IMHO very important) 
observations herself.


[ Aaron J. Seigo, So., 14. Jan. 2007 03:53 ]
> On Saturday 13 January 2007 18:53, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> > I propose to change the order of navigation buttons of KFileDialog
> > from Up/Back/Forward to Back/Forward/Up, to make it more consistent
> > with Konqueror (and other browsers people are used to). Ellen of
> > openusability thinks this would be good, too - I asked her.
> this was discussed when we (i) changed the button order in konqueror. i
> initially leaned towards consistency as well but then looked at the common
> actions in a file dialog.
> most of the time "back" is actually the same location as "up". "up" is
> always a sensible selection while "back" only sometimes makes sense.
> therefore it's common to consider that "up" should have precedence.
> in a web browser the opposite is true. konqi's interface is "optimized" if
> you will as a web browser.
> so while they may look the same on the surface, they actually serve two
> rather different use cases. perhaps that's why users don't seem to have an
> issue with this apparent inconsistency.
> may i ask what prompts this change on your part? is it simply a matter of
> spotting an inconsistency or do you have a deeper reason?

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