KDE 4: Text labels underneath toolbar icons

Tim Beaulen tbscope at gmail.com
Sun Jan 14 21:17:57 GMT 2007

Just show tooltips, but don't wait a second, show them instantly.
Voila, every icon has text, without actually putting the text in the
toolbar itself (because that will never work).

On 1/14/07, Stephen Leaf <smileaf at smileaf.org> wrote:
> On Friday 12 January 2007 2:16 pm, Dennis P wrote:
> > First a rant.
> >
> > KDE 4 will feature text labels underneath toolbar icons by default. As
> > explained in http://oxygen-icons.org/users/david/?p=31 the texts spread
> the
> > icons too much. The suggested solution is simple: make shorter text
> labels,
> > the 9 characters of "Save as" are clearly too long and should just
> > be "Save", "New message" should be "Write" or maybe "Compose" should be
> > allowed which still uses 7 characters.
> This maybe me nit-picking and/or stating the obvious. But When shortening
> the
> wording for a button be careful not to shorten it too far.
> For example the "Save as" is vastly different from "Save" in applications
> such
> as kate, kword, etc.
> Looking at the compose dialog I see "Send Mail Via" I will agree with you
> that
> this is too long. "Send" would be sufficient.
> How would you word "Send Later Via"? Personally I'd just drop the "Via" But
> as
> you described this is too long. that is 10 letters!
> So my question then is, How far can you trim before it starts to lose its
> meaning?
> If we are to shorten the wording, it needs to still be distinguishable and
> descriptive. you can't always depend on the icon set to do this work for
> you.
> --
> Stephen Leaf

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