Normalizing signals and slots

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Mon Jan 15 13:18:41 GMT 2007

Le lundi 15 janvier 2007 13:23, John Tapsell a écrit :
> What does normalised mean please?

remember that a slot is just a string.
Note also that 

SLOT(slotFoo(const QString&,int))
SLOT( slotFoo( const QString &, int) )

refer to the same slot,  but strings are not equal.

So to be compared, slot string need to have the same canonical form.
Qt use for that what they call a normalized signature of the signal or slot, 
by removing spaces, namespaces, const references, ...

So in this case it is  SLOT(slotFoo(QString,int))

Qt automatically normalize if needed,  but first try without normalizing, so 
it is faster to use the normalized form directly in the code.

> As far as I know, normalised means having a length of 1 unit...

For the particular case of mathematical object (eg: vector, function, ...),  
you take indeed generally the object with the norm equal to 1 as normal form
(but there are others normal form possible)

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