Button order in KFileDialog

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Sun Jan 14 09:07:55 GMT 2007

On Sunday 14 January 2007 05:29, Andreas Hartmetz wrote:
> Actually, I just saw it and noticed the inconsistency, nothing else.
> I have also noticed that the interface of KFileDialog works well the
> way it is, but IMHO consistency is (more) important because two things
> that are consistent take less effort to learn and use than two
> different things.

I agree with Aaron here, the apparent inconsistency is not really an 
inconsistency due to the way that the user typically works. Only in minor 
usecases (when the user types in a path, for example) does this change the 

I'd say the loss of known workflow is to big compared to the gain of something 
familiar in a very small amount of usecases.
Thomas Zander
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