Crash in krandrtray

Andras Mantia amantia at
Sun Jan 14 08:55:50 GMT 2007

On Sun Jan 14 2007, Andras Mantia wrote:
> It seems that krandrtray doesn't like my openSUSE 10.2 system with
> self compiled KDE from 3.5 branch and the NVIDIA binary driver with
> TV-Out (using Xinerama) enabled.

I found what I need to do to crash it, so I probably will open a bug 
report as well. In any case, if somebody has the knowledge for a quick 
fix, here are the steps to do to make it crash:

1) create a secondary screen for a Xinerama setup. My screens are a 
1600x1200 and 1024x768. 
2) put the secondary screen on the right-top (+1600+0) position
3) put the main panel with the system tray to the top of the first 
4) start krandrtray and click on it

The main issue is the positioning of the secondary screen, the panel and 
the height of the panel! If you have a 40 pixel size panel, positioning 
the secondary screen below +1600+42 fixes the crash (strangely +42, not 
+41). Same crash happens if kicker is on bottom, and the secondary 
screen is at +1600+432 (so the secondary is on the right-bottom of the 


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