kfilemetainfo using strigi

Sebastian TrĂ¼g trueg at k3b.org
Fri Jan 12 09:17:48 GMT 2007

How about providing a compatibility wrapper strigi plugin that is able to load 
KFilePlugins? This way all the old plugins could be reused until they have 
been ported. Is that possible or do we get a problem with the streaming 


On Thursday 11 January 2007 21:34, Jos van den Oever wrote:
> Hi all,
> This came up on this list before but now it serious!
> I'd like to start work on kfilemetainfo so that it uses the Strigi
> classes to extract metadata from files. Intially this will be done by
> extracting this data on the fly, later the code will be able to get
> the data from the Strigi index if it was indexed.
> As a start I'd like to change the api so that streams are passed to
> the extractor which uses libstreamindexer to get data out. The class
> FilePlugin will go, because Strigi provides similar loadable plugins.
> I've looked for implementations of this class and found only two in
> kdelibs and kdebase. There is a Nepomuk metadata provider that can be
> used in Strigi [1], so metadata from Nepomuk will also be provided by
> the new KFileMetaInfo.
> What would be a good place to do this branch?
> Cheers,
> Jos

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