Integration of KDE top-level widgets into Qt4 designer

Andreas Pakulat apaku at
Sat Jan 6 16:06:23 GMT 2007


I just sent a mail to Qt support team as per suggestion of Roberto Raggi
about a few issues I found with using KDE top-level widgets in Qt4
designer. I had CC'ed k-c-d, but unfortunately with the wrong address
and the original mail wasn't saved either :(

So I'm rewriting the k-c-d important parts here. What I tried to do is
have the KMainWindow, KDialog and KAssistantDialog available as new form
templates in qt4 designer. It worked to a certain extent, the dialog
classes hang qt4 designer, the KMainWindow is not shown as preview.

The reason I'm posting here is that I'd like to know wether these
problems could be due to the lack of KApplication usage in Qt4 designer
and if the plans are still to have KDE widgets work without

The reasoning behind this is:
Some people might prefer the external Qt4 designer instead of the one
embedded with KDevelop4 (which wouldn't have any KApplication-related
problems) and for that one we can't have a KApplication but the users
should still be able to create top-level KDE widgets, instead of some
sed-hackery in the build rules to replace QMainWindow with KMainWindow
in the .ui files.


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