KDE linuxisms may confuse CIFS and will cause trouble on Windows

Thiago Macieira thiago at kde.org
Thu Jan 4 21:15:17 GMT 2007

Juergen Pfennig wrote:
>the following might be a problem when porting KDE to Windows. And
> eventually it's a Problem for Samba (not to mention a genuine Windows
> file server) ...
>kMail for example opens ".trash.index" and then renames some other file
> to the name that is already open. This works on Linux but not
> necessarily on other operating systems. In Windows the file identity is
> given by the file name (no inode).
>In my case CIFS (on a Linux server) produces strange files starting
>with "cifs" or ".cifs" being followed by a decimal number.
>Shouldn't renames to open target files be taken as bugs (linux-only)?

Now, yes.

Until now, removing an open file was a legal thing to do. In fact, not 
only was it quite common, it was even the recommended practice in some 

I don't think you can remove an open file on Windows. Thus, you can't 
rename something to an open file.

Each case where this happens has to be analysed: is the renaming 
intentional or accidental? If it's accidental, it's a bug. If it was 
intentional, we have to find a solution for Windows -- which hopefully 
will work on the Unixes as well.

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