Alexander Neundorf neundorf at kde.org
Thu Jan 4 18:53:22 GMT 2007

On Thursday 04 January 2007 09:05, Tom Albers wrote:
> At Thursday 04 January 2007 00:58, you wrote:
> > Thomas Zander wrote:
> > >What about having a wiki page with revision number of deletion and
> > >instructions on how to get it from svn?
> > >like:
> > >  "kedit was deleted in 12345
> > >  " To get it from svn use:   svn co -r 12344 /trunk/KDE/foo/bar "
> > >etc.
> >
> > Wiki is better than my original idea of a .txt file in Subversion :-)
> Although KEdit might just be case where it is better to delete it (I don't
> know), I would like not to remove projects in general. There is no chance
> in the world anyone would do a full checkout of obsolete stuff, chances are
> better that you want to look at a certain file for a second, I would
> normally use websvn for that. Using websvn for deleted stuff is a real
> pain. Also if the stuff is easy accessible it might be up for adoption
> easier (no difficult start).

I completely agree.
Simply checking out some subdir is  much easier than at first finding the 
correct web page with the revision numbers, remembering the revision number,  
searching the syntax how to get this revision, deal with merging back to 
trunk etc. And they stay visible e.g. n websvn.

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