kdeattic [Was: unlink(kedit);]

Thomas Zander zander at kde.org
Wed Jan 3 23:56:06 GMT 2007

On Thursday 04 January 2007 00:09, Allen Winter wrote:
> So we are proposing a new kdeattic (or kdefoo) module to act as a
> repository of abandoned/orphaned/unmaintained code.  All in one convenient
> location so that potential maintainers can easily find, and possibly
> resurrect our code. Or use it for examples.

That code will most likely not compile and not get updated with refactors. At 
least I don't think its fair to ask people to do so.

What about having a wiki page with revision number of deletion and 
instructions on how to get it from svn?
  "kedit was deleted in 12345
  " To get it from svn use:   svn co -r 12344 /trunk/KDE/foo/bar "
Thomas Zander
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