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Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Wed Jan 3 23:09:26 GMT 2007

On Wednesday, January 3, 2007 05:58:48 PM Tom Albers wrote:
> Op wo 3 jan 2007 22:52 schreef u:
> > so, to repeat: kedit will be svn rm'd by end of week unless there are 
> > objections.
> Hi Aaron, 
> Only a reaction to the bit above. Allen and me 
and others including Albert and Pino

> talked a bit about it on irc and pending the guidelines I will write,  
> I would like to suggest to move kedit to a tag unmaintained4 (or 'attick' or something) in the repository. 
> That way it is easy accessible for someone who wants to pick up development on it.    
So we are proposing a new kdeattic (or kdefoo) module to act as a repository
of abandoned/orphaned/unmaintained code.  All in one convenient location
so that potential maintainers can easily find, and possibly resurrect our code.
Or use it for examples.

If kedit were reborn, it would take the path of attic -> playground -> kdereview -> kdeextragear.

We would need to ensure that attic doesn't become a one stop dumping ground
for all our old crap.  The attic could contain partially ported code, old kde 3 code,

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