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Wed Jan 3 21:52:04 GMT 2007

hi all

so the agreement was that if katepart got proper bidi support that we'd get 
rid of kedit and instead recommend kwrite for those functions which kedit was 
previously used for.

katepart does support bidi text with two current problems:

 - text does not right-align properly
 - input methods are not supported yet

hamish and the rest of the kate team are aware of the issues and are committed 
to fixing them. so i'd like to remove kedit this week from trunk/ baring any 
stays of execution backed with a good reason. kedit is one of the few apps 
that uses api that i'd really like to get rid of in kapplication (related to 
temp file handling, which is provided by the k*file classes now) and if i can 
avoid spending time porting an app because it's going away that'd be great.

so, to repeat: kedit will be svn rm'd by end of week unless there are 

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