remove QtGui dependence of kdecore

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at
Wed Jan 3 21:46:53 GMT 2007

On Wednesday 03 January 2007 13:48, Olivier Goffart wrote:
> > it also prints out the name and is a rather useful feature of KDebug.
> But the QObject operator would do that if the QWidget operator is not
> present.

ah, so you're going to add a QObject operator then? (because i don't see one 
there now, and when i tested a minute ago i just get the pointer address)

and when i said "is a rather useful feature" i also meant printing out the 
geometry. =)

> > it would be nice to move this to a commonly included header in kdeui. or
> > even create a kdebugui.h or similar in kdeui/kernel though i'm not sure
> > what we'd add to it over time.
> kdebugui.h would probably be never included.

unless wanted/needed.

> another possibility would be to leave the declaration in kdecore, and only
> put the implementation in kdeui.
> This is just dangerous if one link against QtGui and not kdeui.

true enough; there are methods in QtCore like that actually ...

> > > - KConfigBase and KConfigSkeleton
> > >      Allow to store QColor, QFont and probably more. This is probably
> > > the more difficult to get ride of.  I have no idea what to do here.
> >
> > this is indeed more problematic; we've moved to mostly using QVariant in
> > the branch which brings the usage of QColor down to two instances in
> > KConfig itself one of which is easily resolvable and one which is
> > trickier.
> How ready is the branch ?
> When do you think it could be merged in trunk ?

depends on how much i get to work on it this month. i'd probably need to spend 
a day just bringing it up to where trunk/ is due to the amount of work that 
has gone on in kdecore in the last month or two... but it's substantially 
complete at this point.

> > in the latter case, using QVariant::convert(Type) might help but it would
> > bring several problems with it:
> >
> >  - it would use a different storage format than the one in kde3 (hex #RGB
> > as opposed to decimal r,g,b,a)
> >  - it doesn't support a format that includes a value for alpha
> For readability of config file, i prefer the #RGB format,  anyway, the fact
> it doesn't support alpha channel is very annoying.
> can't trolltech fix that by implementing #ARGB ?

i'd love them to. =)

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