remove QtGui dependence of kdecore

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Jan 3 19:28:07 GMT 2007

Thiago Macieira schrieb:
> Ralf Habacker wrote:
>>> KDE applications don't start at all if D-Bus isn't available (running
>>> or auto-startable).
>> On windows dbus uses autostart on demand and klauncher will be started
>> by kdeinit if it is not running.
> That's what I meant: if D-Bus is auto-startable or if it's already 
> running, then KDE apps start. I don't remember seeing the code that 
> checks if kdeinit is running, though.

org::kde::KLauncher *KToolInvocation::klauncher()
    if ( 
"org.kde.klauncher" ) )
        kDebug() << "klauncher not running... launching kdeinit" << endl;
    return ::klauncherIface();


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