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Wed Jan 3 18:57:43 GMT 2007

Ralf Habacker wrote:
>While porting the kdecore/network code and kioslaves to windows, I
>recognized that the class KIO connection implements network read/write
>stuff already implemented in classes of kdecore/network. I understand
>that KIO connection uses a command based read/write api which is
>different from the related kdecore/network class and that this may be
>the reason that this class could not be in kdecore but could they not
>use the kdecore/network provided platform independent functions ?

The KIO::Connection code predates the kdecore/network's predecessor... 
It's been there from KDE 2.0 times. I introduced the predecessor in KDE 
2.2 and kdecore/network in 3.3.

I had already planned on working on KIO::Connection. But my intention was 
to overhaul it to transmit the commands over D-Bus (a private connection 
or via bus), but keep the data transfers on a socket.

In fact, in my history of over-engineering solutions to simple problems, I 
even conceived an auto-negotiated multiple-transport solution: POSIX 
message queues, System V shm, pipe/FIFO, Unix sockets, TCP sockets, D-Bus 
P2P, D-Bus bus.

I just never started working on that.

>It was discussed in this mailing list if it would be able to use threads
>for kio-slaves. I think having a common base of a communication api (in
>kdecore/network ?), would makes makes porting kio slaves to another
>communication procotol like named pipe or shared memory easier.

See above. Thankfully all of the command structure is already encapsulated 
in KIO::Connection, so porting that to other communication mechanisms is 
relatively easy.

In special, I want to have a D-Bus-based command structure so that other, 
non-KDE applications can talk to ioslaves easily (I'm thinking of Qt-only 
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