remove QtGui dependence of kdecore

Olivier Goffart ogoffart at
Wed Jan 3 13:30:17 GMT 2007


We have almost done, we can almost get ride of the QtGUI dependence into 
I still see only few dependencies, listed by order of difficulty to get ride 
of them (IMO)

- KDebug  
    has an operator with QWidget,  could be moved into kdeui, but in which 
include ?   probably better to remove it,  it just add the geometry

- KStringHandler
     use QFontMetrics in some functions which truncate strings to limit them 
to some size.
    maybe theses function could be removed because QFontMetrics provide 
directly the feature since Qt 4.2

- KAboutData use QImage for the program logo.
    An easy way to get ride of this dependence is to use QVariant.
    Another would be to only use QImage* or even QImage&, without making 
copies, so it would not be required to link against QtGui

- KLibLoader
     clear the clipboard when uploading a plugin because the clipboard may 
contains object from this plugin.

- KConfigBase and KConfigSkeleton
     Allow to store QColor, QFont and probably more. This is probably the more 
difficult to get ride of.  I have no idea what to do here.

So if you have idea to solve the two last issues, and specially the last which 
is critical, one can get ride of QtGui in kdecore next Tuesday^W Monday  

On another topic, do you think it make sens to split kio in kio_core and 
kio_ui ?   this would allow to use kioslave in console application.

Happy new year, 
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