The future of Sonnet

Jacob R Rideout kde at
Tue Jan 2 04:13:50 GMT 2007

> Are the classes inside a namespace? Names like KAbstractFilter and
> GuessLanguage are a bit too generic otherwise and the latter might
> clash with symbols from something else.

I've been considering this myself. KSpell2 used a namespace for all
its classes. Most other classes in KDE, however, seem just to use
distinct names or a prefix in the name. KOffice prefixes its class
with ko. I'd prefer not to use a namespace, but I've yet decide on
naming scheme and have thus solicited outside advice. I think
prefixing internal (although still accessible) classes with Sonnet and
those meant to be used by application developers with
KUniqueAndDescriptiveName might be best.

> Are the API docs online somewhere?

All development right now is taking place in branches/work so they
aren't auto-generated. I just created a few for the classes I've
documented so far.



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