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Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Jan 2 01:59:39 GMT 2007

On Monday 01 January 2007 16:32, Richard Moore wrote:
> Not quite, I'm thinking more of the case of modifying
> instance()->dirs(). It just seems a bad idea to let something

ah ... it's a similar problem to adding message catalogs, isn't it? and yeah, 
i'm not sure what the solution is there; we could always ref-count the 
instance()->dirs() i suppose but that seems a bit overkill?

of course, this was a problem before this. in those cases the answer seems to 
have been to create your own KInstance and get an iconloader that way. in 
this case it means a few extra lines of code ... if that becomes an issue, 
perhaps we can do something like have a KIconLoader ctor that causes the 
creation of an internal KInstance, so instead of creating a KInstance to get 
a KIconLoader one would do it the other way around in these cases. though 
that sounds rather odd since you'll usually want the KInstance for other 
things as well. hmm.. no, i think the couple lines of code are the cleanest 

anyone else have a better idea?

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