Applications not being launched from applications: protocol

Rafael Fernández López ereslibre at
Mon Dec 31 15:29:12 GMT 2007


Going a bit further this can be even better. Now, the change I refer to is:

This will make applications:/ protocol to open applications when  
clicking on one of them (I still don't know what's wrong with  
settings:/, even icons are not properly being drawn, and the very less  
number of links that work do launch kcm's from kde3...).

Anyway, the changes I refer in this patch are nice ones:

- When clicking on applications:/ on some application it is launched  
without asking.
- If you navigate through Konqueror to (e.g.  
/home/ereslibre/kde/share/kde4/services/), and click for instance on  
"colors.desktop" you will be asked (are you sure you want to run  
"..."?). If so, the line of Exec= will be executed as would happen  
with a Type=Application. For that reason we also want to check if the  
Type=Service. This will only apply for those *.desktop files that are  
Services and have an Exec= line.

I really know this changes really belong to 4.1, but I would like to  
know what do you think about them.

Bye and thanks,
Rafael Fernández López.

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