System Settings updated

Will Stephenson wstephenson at
Sun Dec 30 20:31:30 GMT 2007

I've just committed a bunch of updates to various kcmodules' desktop files 
that put them into System Settings.  This means that almost everything that 
was missing from System Settings but present in KControl that is not either 
devolved to its parent app, replaced by something else in KDE 4, or not yet 
ported is now present in System Settings.  

Two things others should be aware of:

*) I really need a Display subcategory to accommodate Size & Orientation and 
Power control properly - at the moment these are dumped plainly in Computer 
Administration.  Please, i18ners, can I add this?  The i18n already exists in 
KDE 3 kdebase/kcontrol.

*) I've fixed missing icons where possible but "kcmsambaconf" is old and 
blocky, see 


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